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Free Fitness with a Difference – FitPro Online


We couldn’t ignore the flurry of free fitness initiatives that are helping to get more people active across the country. Olivia Hubbard experienced two London offerings that each place community spirit at the heart of what they do. 


Adventure 52 Magazine

A stag or hen adventure with Red7 Leisure


Snowboard and climb your way to a high instead of boozing to oblivion. Put the tray of tequila shots down and reach for your climbing harness and snowboard boots.

This is the message from corporate and lifestyle brand, Red 7 leisure, who are offering outdoor activity options for stag and hen parties.

Read Olivia’s write up here

Michael Brans on climbing Ben Nevis with one leg, Ninja Warrior & becoming an EtchRock Elite athlete


He’s now planing to run the Great Wall of China marathon in 2018

Read Olivia Hubbard’s interview here


FitPro Blog

Running Man


Meet the man who lives life on the edge. Olivia Hubbard speaks to Charlie Engle and feels in awe of his running hunger, human endurance and courageous attitude to life’s challenges. 


Meet our GB Women

Olivia Hubbard catches up with Lizzie Armitstead, Joanna Rowsell-Shand and Laura Trott to find out how they’re feeling about the forthcoming Olympic Games.

Powerlifting has helped me take control


Meet the powerlifter who originally despised school sport but is now representing Great Britain in Texas. Olivia Hubbard talks deadlifts, depression and Taylor Swift with Cambridge girl Camille Holland. 

Under the spotlight: Helen Wyman


Helen Wyman won bronze in the Netherlands when she claimed the first British women’s medal since 2000 at the cyclo-cross 2014 world championships. Olivia Hubbard snatched a few moments of her time to talk sports psychology, the November world cup and speaking Dutch.

Should we trust Millennial chefs?

The fashionable foodies are here to stay, so it would seem. Olivia Hubbard shares her opinion on the clean-eating addiction that has swept the nation. 

All online content above was first published on FitPro blog between 2014-2016,  

Get your fit on

Whether you’re after a chilling swim to awaken the senses or looking to celebrate movement at a European yoga festival, Fitpro provides our pick of the winter event offerings to see you through to the New Year for 2017. Explore the listings here

This article was first published in Fitpro Winter 2016 Magazine. (December)


Pedal Power

Cycle studios are increasing their appeal with smart technology and Ibiza beats – but what style of class best suits your interests and knowledge base? Olivia Hubbard finds out more.

This article was published in Fitpro Autumn Magazine 2016.  Read the article here


Retreating Fitness

So, you’ve built your PT business and it’s sky-rocketed into the success machine you always hoped for, except now you’re wondering how to maximise revenue even further. Olivia Hubbard investigates what you need to consider before setting up your own fitness retreat.

Read the article here

This article was first published in Fitpro Autumn 2016 Magazine.


Breathable activewear

Olivia Hubbard shares her top picks of activewear for Summer 2016 season. View seriously stylish pieces from ELLE SPORT, North Face, Sweaty Betty and many more. View the full spread here

This article was first published in Fitpro Summer 2016 issue. 



Olivia Hubbard explores the fluidity of parkour movement and the science behind freerunning. Read the feature and the science here


off the wall .png

Inspirational Trainer

Mary Huckle talks Pilates, taking clients to the shops and why she’s not scared of cancer. Find out how Mary used to fitness to help rebuild her life. Scroll to page 2 here 

Both pieces were first published in Fitpro’s Winter 2015 Magazine. 


The Fixation on Righteous Eating

Do you agree with the below question? Olivia Hubbard investigates. Read the feature in full here 

This article was first published in Fitpro Spring 2016 issue.


The Resident Magazine 

The Hiit Parade

We covered the launch of Hiitgirl and it has now taken Crouch End by storm. Olivia Hubbard finds out why.

Read the full article here


This article was originally published in The Resident Magazine – Living North November 2014.


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